The Sea of Self-discovery



Today saw the birth of a new theme on my blog, Libretto. Finally, I have decided to choose one of the images proposed by WordPress. I tried them all and ended up with two favorites. I had to choose between the city and the beach. Hard choice. What is the place more favorable to self-discovery? The city or the beach? I don´t know, but I guess it depends on the place we are in our lives, the moment, the road, the crossroad we are at, the joy, the sadness. Yes, the city and the beach may well be two sides of a coin on the path of self-discovery.

We don´t necessarily hear more noise in the city and less in the beach. It all comes to what we are saying to ourselves inside, what we are feeling. So, the silence and the noise have more to do with ourselves and our inner landscape than what´s around us.

It is not January, it is March, with its rainy beginnings and the cold and frisky air. Shouldn´t we have just one? It doesn´t seem fair that both came at the same time. But then, there are things we can choose and things we can´t. And we must accept that.

Yes, there are things hard to only accept and not be able to change, but those aim to bend our egos and pride and transform us into more humble and deep human beings. We savor a lot more of the things we end up succeeding at, those we fight to change and in the end, we can.

I tend to favor nature, it´s my default makeup, and I am very well with that, so inevitably I choose the sea. Water is one of my favorite things in all its shapes and forms…but wait…water doesn´t have a form, only gets one by the recipient in which it is placed…

With water, we clean ourselves and can become new, its powers are ancient, mystical and healing. So, I choose the sea.

Hope you like it! 🙂




Life doesn´t trick death, but that doesn´t mean death has the last laugh


Yesterday brought the death of someone that had a larger than life existence. Someone that had a relevant and extremely important role in the democracy and freedom of a country. To me, it was the departure of a personal reference and someone I truly admired and for whom I had the privilege of working.

It still startles me that giants can die just like everybody else, I guess in my mind, they were not supposed to die. Dealing with death and the emotions connected to it is not easy for me, never has been, and I often isolate myself and pretend nothing has happened. I only emerge when a decent amount of time has gone by and I feel prepared to deal with the reality…

There is a category of people that are immortal. They inspire and motivate you, they teach you. Many years ago they fighted for what they believed in a way we don´t see anymore, they faced huge risks, they risked their lives, their promising future fighting for a cause, in doing so they shaped the destiny of a nation. There are people that seem above death, nevertheless they die…

It may seem at first that death has won after all, but looking closely maybe not so much. Here is the case of someone that has made of his life a history book in itself, who painted the canvas of his own life, day by day, extraordinary experience after extraordinary experience.

He did not faced death empty handed, fighter as he was, but rather with a very fulfilled and happy life, and I am sure he loved every minute of it.

Death may have taken the body, but surely it didn´t take the last laugh…


Annie Blue


A path paved with grace


Today is a new day, a new start, a new beginning, the first word in this unwritten chapter of our lives.

Hi Everyone!

Hope you have began you year the best way!

A brand new year has started today. The streets are unusually silent and calm, it seems I am living in a desolated city.

I feel the cold weather everywhere I go, I can´t escape it.  I feel it to my bones, it is crisp and cuts like a knife, and I don´t plan to go out today.

Yesterday ended quickly and I didn´t notice that the time of a minute put me in a different year and in a different chapter. I didn´t celebrate the birth of this new year until late at night, not at all. I went to bed early, after spending my time watching my favorite inspirational videos and reading books and watching tv…doing everything thing and nothing…

But today I woke up and felt that it was true, a new year had begun and I needed to put last year in perspective and outline my big plans for this new 2017. This day is perfect to meditate about the way I want to live my life.

Then, I realized that I ended a year that will never come back again, it will never return again to my life, with all that it had of good, of bad, or in between. I was in a new year, recalling last year´s challenges.


The past is over and dealt with, I respectfully walked away from everything that no longer made me happy or grow me, with the knowing that there was a time when those things served a purpose in my life, but now it was time to let go of them.

I only live once, although I hope there is an afterlife, but also believe that one life alone should be more than enough to do what I am meant to do, providing I do it right .

If light is in your heart you will find your way home.


And to do it right means living more from the heart than from my ego, and that includes working, writing and my relationships.

That is hard enough, often, I don´t know which is which, but letting go was and is the most challenging thing to me. It is also confusing. I can let go of something that I put in the hands of God and hope for an optimal outcome, and that does not mean I don´t care, but there are some situations when I had to let go because of things that were not for me.

But keeping myself tied to things that are not working, that make me feel bad is the same as being tied to a year that has ended. If I let go I know the softest light of the world will open up to me.

I want to live a healthy, happy and clean life, keep my heart open and cultivate my life, tending to my path with grace and dignity, not looking for perfection, but for the beauty, the smell of the flowers that I bedded with love along the way.

Have a great 2017!

Annie Blue

The one who got away



Ideas shape the course of History.

John M. Keynes

No, I am not talking about a breakup, at least not that one you probably are thinking. It is not a separation from someone but is a separation nevertheless. An emotional, mind and heart one.

I am talking about the ideas we have in our heads and let slip away, for a lot of different motives, of course, there are always plenty of them: because we want to do some research on the internet, we want to read books about it, we procrastinate, we invented last minute tasks, we want to find the relevancy of the idea, and the truth is, we lose the connection with our heart, our intuition and the ability to think for ourselves. We refuse to hear what we ourselves want to say.

I don´t know if that has happened to you, to me it has, and if there are some conclusions I can take from this already dying year is that 24 hours is the time all of us have, some of us use it well, some use it badly, and the idea that is not written and developed as soon as possible is, most probably, forever lost. I can´t tell you how many drafts I have my blog and other things I am not very happy about and too ashamed to share.

My Morning Pages, that I write every day, every single day, exactly at the same hour, at exactly the same place, without exception, are the only writing I have made for awhile. After some time when I tried to do them differently things haven´t worked at all. It only works this way. At least for me.

I am writing the Morning Pages and  following these rituals for more than a month. Everything. Up to the same pen. Surprisingly to me it is working very well. and I guess it´s a habit that I created successfully. Now, the day does not begin well if I don´t write them. Well, the thing with a new habit is…we have to find a way to keep it, otherwise we go back to the start :). The resistance we feel in the beginning dissipates overtime and it gets easier, but if we are a little bit distracted, we loose want we gained and have to start all over again.

I  hope to do the same with the ideas that come to my mind. Probably I will apply a different ritual from the one I do with Morning Pages or maybe not, after all, writing three pages on an idea won´t be that bad.

What I think is important is connect to our hearts, our intuition and what it says to us after all that is all that matters! Looking around for what others have done on the same things and ideas will increase our insecurity and will be a distraction of our own voice. That is the one we are looking forward to hearing and not let it slip away, who knows where they could take us?


Annie Blue