The world can wait



It was the end of a long day.

Last week I have been with a gallbladder crisis that left me feeling really tired, I also delivered a book translation on time, and have done little of my housework. It happens I have plans for my home, to make it more cozy and comfortable this winter, a place where I look forward to going to at the end of each day. A clean and organized home is an efficient one.

And this rambling thinking  is  typical of me at the end of each work delivery: to look around at the mess that was created by neglect. In the hurry and rush of modern life is good to know that at the end of the day there is a tranquility oasis waiting for us. One where we can run away to, where we can hide from the world.

I come home, at the end of each day, and think about everything I have to do there. And that upsets my soul and the quality of my leisure as deep down inside I have to know that everything is in its place. I don´t know if I have control issues…hope not, but one thing is certain, I feel an unmeasured need to reduce to the maximum the visual noise around me. I don´t get along with the chaos, even though I know there is order in it.

Yes, I´ve read Marie Kondo. I discovered her last year when I was almost beginning my summer vacations. I remember having discovered Marie Forleo around that time too. Both focused on subjects I had long thought about but hadn´t talk about with anyone. It was good to know I was not alone. God noticed my doubts and unanswered questions and send them. I was so happy with the discovery that it became the best summer ever. I even called it Marie´s summer. It´s good to find people that understand us, regardless they live on the other side of the world.

It took me another summer (last summer) to get to the conclusion that housework does not rhyme with summer vacations. We don´t get to do the work and we ruin the vacations. There is only hot and sweat and then there is the saying, live and learn.

So this sunny November weekend, after a month and a half of working in translating a lovely book (a work done at night and on the weekends) I decided to focus on my apparent caos. Sunday. All day! By the end of the afternoon, I stopped feeling my legs. I completed the task at hand and decided to take a foaming bath and do nothing more.

Exactly at the moment I was putting one of  my legs in the water and was beginning to feel the soothing effects of the hot water on my muscles my cell phone rang. I had no idea who it was, was completely  exhausted and drained, and the hot and sweet ambiance being given by the bath appealed to me greatly.

I said to myself no, not now, the world can wait.


Annie Blue


The Change of Season



I loved summer so much that I forgot how much I love autumn. I only become aware of the weight of the almost breathless summer air when, suddenly, one of these days, I tasted the crisp autumn air. The languor of the hot days has been followed by the revitalization of this in between season.

And this is how September came to be. The month to start fresh on new projects and ideas, the time to plant our seeds. We align dreams, objectives, and priorities. Some say that this is a very productive month and I totally agree. It´s about restarting, and I like restarts …and happy endings.

But between the beginning and the end is where growth takes place. It motivates the beginning and gives quality to our endings since it is here where we harvest what we planted in the beginning and cared for during growth.

I see both the beginning and ending as anchored points in our life line. It is between these two points that lays the biggest adventure, the succulent orange juice, as well as the defeats, victories, the walking, the push forward and the pull back.

After all, the most important are not the anchored points in our life line, but the unsuspected journeys and detours we take along the way to getting to those points, like the passionate strokes of a painter in a white canvas.


Annie Blue

The melody of life



I believe that all in life…life itself could be wrapped in a melody. I don´t know if you ever thought of things in this way, but there are pieces of music able to translate every conceivable emotion the human heart is capable of expressing. There are sad melodies, melancholic melodies, and happy melodies…

We might not think a lot about this, but all this makes perfect sense. Music composers do it because they want to translate their state of mind or heart at that particular moment, and that has inspired the composer to write music. Channel what we feel through music is very effective and the result can be beautiful. It is an art form.

I believe that creativity is inherent to human makeup. Feelings can charge our souls and can burden our souls leaving us to feeling heavy, we all now how this feels…All of us should be able to voice the emotions we feel through an art form we feel comfortable with and the one through which we can express best the things we want to voice. In the end, we would have something beautiful to remind us of the sad or happy times. We would have that work, that proof of the things we found in our lives and how we dealt with them. That is healing!

What I look for, in my emotional life and journey, is to nurture and keep a minimum level of joy, that feeling that only depends on us, on our own will (and sometimes effort), and is totally worthwhile. Life is made of bad moments and of good moments, but for the most part, life is composed of days that look the usual same. Even for those days, we can find a particular melody. We have to colour our days, listen to our hearts, our emotions and sing our own melodies.

May our melodies be mindful and wise.


Annie Blue


How to be an expert in everything


The expert knows more and more about less and less, until he knows everything about nothing.

Mahatma Gandhi


To be a generalist or an expert has been a great question in my life. Until this day I don´t really know which one is better for me, or if both are. In either case, I know that I will always be able to be an expert if I want to. This is not an age sensitive issue. Only a strong will and determination one.

The question came to be after my college graduation. I choose traditionally feminine studies: Secretary studies. This was I was able to go home every day, as this particular college was near my parent´s house. Back then I was a very young girl, and my emancipation was still very far down in my life path.

The course on Secretary studies was a pretty generalist course that awakened my curiosity to never ending areas of knowledge, like Law, Accounting, International Relations, Economics. The only field of studies I had consistently from the first year to the fourth, were English Studies and French Studies. Being lectured by native teachers this was a true novelty and luxury in my small town.

When I arrived at the working world I noticed I was asked all sort of office tasks, while other co-workers, graduated in more special areas were only asked to do the same work. Often they ended by having more responsibilities than I had. What they knew was not possible to be learned by observation, common sense or practice.

Those who were generalists were valued less. They knew everything and nothing. They were not experts in any area.

Truth is, in the long run, being generalist is also to be flexible, to be quick in adjustments and reasoning. Often we think outside the box. In new and unexpected situation being generalist brings a true added-value, both professionally as personally.
In life, as in our jobs, we must stretch our flexibility muscles and our beliefs.

The best of the situation is that after generalisation we can always choose to become experts in whatever area we wish. As I said before this is not a time or age sensitive issue, that way we can benefit from both perspectives and broaden our horizons.


Annie Blue


Making Writing Prompts Personal

always good to have some guidelines for writing more personal prompts!

The Daily Post

Every blogger faces it, sooner or later: you feel an itch to publish. You haven’t updated your site in a while. You put on your lucky writing socks, fire up WordPress, flex your fingers, and…

… sit there, staring blankly at the screen. You’re blocked!

(What? Like I’m the only one who has lucky writing socks.)

When you’re blocked, writing prompts are blogsavers. Many bloggers shy away from them because they don’t like the idea of  responding to a prompt — what if it doesn’t inspire you? What if the topic doesn’t fit your blog? But before turning off the computer and putting your writing socks back in the drawer, try these six tips for making any writing prompt your own:

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