Today saw the birth of a new theme on my blog, Libretto. Finally, I have decided to choose one of the images proposed by WordPress. I tried them all and ended up with two favorites. I had to choose between the city and the beach. Hard choice. What is the place more favorable to self-discovery? The city or the beach? I don´t know, but I guess it depends on the place we are in our lives, the moment, the road, the crossroad we are at, the joy, the sadness. Yes, the city and the beach may well be two sides of a coin on the path of self-discovery.

We don´t necessarily hear more noise in the city and less in the beach. It all comes to what we are saying to ourselves inside, what we are feeling. So, the silence and the noise have more to do with ourselves and our inner landscape than what´s around us.

It is not January, it is March, with its rainy beginnings and the cold and frisky air. Shouldn´t we have just one? It doesn´t seem fair that both came at the same time. But then, there are things we can choose and things we can´t. And we must accept that.

Yes, there are things hard to only accept and not be able to change, but those aim to bend our egos and pride and transform us into more humble and deep human beings. We savor a lot more of the things we end up succeeding at, those we fight to change and in the end, we can.

I tend to favor nature, it´s my default makeup, and I am very well with that, so inevitably I choose the sea. Water is one of my favorite things in all its shapes and forms…but wait…water doesn´t have a form, only gets one by the recipient in which it is placed…

With water, we clean ourselves and can become new, its powers are ancient, mystical and healing. So, I choose the sea.

Hope you like it! 🙂




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