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Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.

Parkinson´s Law


It has been five months since I published my first post. Not for lack of time, I dare say, rather because of poor time management skills.

Also, because I have been thinking, and thinking, how to start, effectively start, this path of blogging. It does not help searching the web and finding a zillion of good sources and resources, and end up clueless as to where to start…

Nevertheless, this is something I feel I must do.  Strangely it seems to be a Godsend to me. This is me. I have always loved writing, and during my teens have even written a Christmas play for my school, in which my schoolmates acted. It was a success.

I don´t remember when I stopped writing, but I did, altogether. Presently I write from time to time. Long are the days when I felt that urge to write, when I felt I had something good to share with the rest of the world. That satisfaction, that fulfillment, the confidence of someone who has found their deepest calling.

It seems I have been denied myself of those inebriating feelings for a long time. But, where sadness has a place…, and it had its place in my life, during many years of my life after those prolific years…my growing years were not easy with my sweet but determined parents in keeping me a child the rest of my life, at all costs. Growth for them was rebellion…against them and the parental institution.

With my life in shambles due to their interferences in all possible spheres of life, I was set on a mission: freedom and adulthood. It took me more years than I would have wanted, but I did it, in a big way.

But I was saying…where sadness has a place…joy and happiness have its place also. The question relies on whether am I going to be able to let this joy and happiness shine through, to be all I can be, to let my potential and creativity come to light, and not be afraid of what others might think or do and not to be afraid that the joy and happiness might be stolen or disappear.

This is a quest for myself, undoubtedly.

I have always loved the internet, and got it from the time it has become available to the general public. I love doing research and can spend hours doing just that…but, like the pleasure I had with writing, this one I left behind also during a long time.

It seems to me now that I have left many things I had pleasure and joy doing along the way. I remember enduring years of a lot of pain but, now I have to endure years of joy and happiness, otherwise the scale of life experiences would be unbalanced…

This has a lot to do with self-esteem.

There is a huge gap between the first years of the internet and now. I was caught by surprise when, last year, I came across the concept of blogging, internet marketing, and the like, and the vast dimension of this new world almost crushed me . I intend to apply everything I am learning, not leaving any stone unturned. I am bound to make up for lost time. Take heart, not everything here on WordPress, and they wouldn´t let me anyway, but I can have more than one blog, right?

So, do you see how writing, internet and blogging can be connected to someone search for their potential and joy?

Back to now. I have been wondering in this digital world, not knowing where to start, but creating blogs nevertheless. Up until some hours ago, I couldn´t even remember how my WordPress blog looked like, and was convinced I hadn´t posted a blog.

Anyway, what had I to say to the world? And could it be good?

 So, there I went, an hour ago, and opened the blog, and said to myself…this is not my blog. It was so pleasant to my eyes, and had a post on it. It was not a big post, no big deal, but was honest and sincere, and I liked it…and I said to myself, my inner satisfaction and astonishment growing, did I really created this?…It seems I have…I have created a beautiful seed of something I thought I couldn´t create: a beautiful and pleasant blog. I was ashamed at my lack of trust in myself, in my abilities.

So…believe in yourself and in your ability to create good and beautiful things in your life. Ask God for guidance and inspiration. He is our best friend and can help us overcome our insecurities and doubts.


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