Without faith, our dreams will never come true.



How can we dream? what should we dream about?…

I am talking about our deepest dreams, those we dream in the middle of the night and do not confess to anyone. Do we dream about those dreams, or are we afraid of even think about them?

Some dreams require a long waiting time, don´t happen as soon as we dream them, often have to make an effort for them to come to pass, and this effort can resume itself to a long and painful wait. I have a dream like that. It is still a dream because it hasn´t come to pass, and as time goes by it makes more and more sense, in spite of the reality and the circumstances.

I have asked myself how is the right way to dream about the dream that I have for so long and has not come to pass? Make the most of this waiting time,in the best way I can?

Well, I guess the answer is dreaming with faith, with happiness and joy to the maximum, with enthusiasm and the certainty that one day we will see our desired outcome, maybe in a way that we would probably never imagined, subtly disguised right in front of our noses, but it is our dream, and its there, and it is ours, and we know it.

Faith makes us suffer while waiting in the uncertainty of the outcome of our dream, but it builds us up inside, makes us stronger, courageous, helps us to grow our hearts and minds. And we should always keep that in mind, particularly in the darker days.

One day our dream will see the light of day, and in that day we will expand our wisdom, our hearts, our faith in God, our gratitude, and forever give Him thanks for the blessings He brought to our lives.

And may the blessings born out of faithful dreaming delight us all our lives.








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