Yesterday brought the death of someone that had a larger than life existence. Someone that had a relevant and extremely important role in the democracy and freedom of a country. To me, it was the departure of a personal reference and someone I truly admired and for whom I had the privilege of working.

It still startles me that giants can die just like everybody else, I guess in my mind, they were not supposed to die. Dealing with death and the emotions connected to it is not easy for me, never has been, and I often isolate myself and pretend nothing has happened. I only emerge when a decent amount of time has gone by and I feel prepared to deal with the reality…

There is a category of people that are immortal. They inspire and motivate you, they teach you. Many years ago they fighted for what they believed in a way we don´t see anymore, they faced huge risks, they risked their lives, their promising future fighting for a cause, in doing so they shaped the destiny of a nation. There are people that seem above death, nevertheless they die…

It may seem at first that death has won after all, but looking closely maybe not so much. Here is the case of someone that has made of his life a history book in itself, who painted the canvas of his own life, day by day, extraordinary experience after extraordinary experience.

He did not faced death empty handed, fighter as he was, but rather with a very fulfilled and happy life, and I am sure he loved every minute of it.

Death may have taken the body, but surely it didn´t take the last laugh…


Annie Blue



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