The Change of Season



I loved summer so much that I forgot how much I love autumn. I only become aware of the weight of the almost breathless summer air when, suddenly, one of these days, I tasted the crisp autumn air. The languor of the hot days has been followed by the revitalization of this in between season.

And this is how September came to be. The month to start fresh on new projects and ideas, the time to plant our seeds. We align dreams, objectives, and priorities. Some say that this is a very productive month and I totally agree. It´s about restarting, and I like restarts …and happy endings.

But between the beginning and the end is where growth takes place. It motivates the beginning and gives quality to our endings since it is here where we harvest what we planted in the beginning and cared for during growth.

I see both the beginning and ending as anchored points in our life line. It is between these two points that lays the biggest adventure, the succulent orange juice, as well as the defeats, victories, the walking, the push forward and the pull back.

After all, the most important are not the anchored points in our life line, but the unsuspected journeys and detours we take along the way to getting to those points, like the passionate strokes of a painter in a white canvas.


Annie Blue


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