It is celebrated today, August 23. On 1991, 25 years ago, Timothy Jones Berners-Lee gave public access to the internet and our lives would never be the same again, for better and for worse.

The term internaut is made from a combination of “internet” and “astronaut”, and there are over 3,4 billion internauts today!

It is also interesting to mention that there are 1.07 billion websites, though approximately 75 per cent of them are not active (source: Internet Live Stats), and 4,73 billion webpages.

If you feel curious, you can check the first website here, it went live a couple of weeks earlier on August 6 (we have come a long way since then): World Wide Web .

This article was writen with the help of Internaut Day (Facebook) and  Venture Beat .


Annie Blue



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