Meg was savouring the sweet, relaxing summer afternoon in her backyard.

It was a lovely afternoon.

The day had begun as a sunny spring morning, and Meg decided to tend to her garden. She spent all morning gardening and now was feeling tired. She prepared a light lunch and afterwards decided to rest in her freshly trimmed garden. The day was warm, scented, no breeze.

She laid down on a big blanket and was feeling truly joyful and thankful for that day, for the breathtaking peace. How she was thankful! particularly since her husband left 6 months before. A man that had all hell loose inside of him. At that moment she felt a twinge of pain because things between them had turned out so bad…

Meg was lost in her thoughts, feeling drowsy and sleepy, although she took a strong coffee after lunch. She felt very, very sleepy.

Maybe she was more tired than she thought she was.

She let herself go into that sleepy, drowsy state, without any strength to resist it. Not far away, a dark shadow emerged with a fork in its hand…




Annie Blue



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