I call it contemplative. One of my happy places lay in time.  It is the contemplative time that I take for myself alone. During this time I read, listen to music, meditate, or only rest without doing much.

I know I am in luck, since the majority of people don´t have time to sleep, much less to dwell in a contemplative state of mind. For now, I can, and I will make the most out of it.

Allowing myself time and space to be contemplative is very good for my mind and calming to my nerves, it permits me to slow everything down, down, down. More, it gives me space and distance to think about whatever is on my mind, or some important decision I need to take.

Being an only child I guess it is easier for me to develop that habit, after all, I had no one to play with and the grown-ups weren’t at all interested in playing. So I read a lot, write a lot, I liked it as everyone around me. I know this because of the amount of book they bought me.

As everything, living this way has its own benefits,  you learn to live and be content with yourself, and some disadvantages, as you don´t know exactly how to deal with other children, because your communication skills aren´t good (if they ever will be…)

On the other hand, I have always communicated very well with animals, particularly with cats, who are also professionals in the art of being contemplative…Pensive they seat, and roll their languid eyes (John Keats).

Contemplation is an art, and if I had to describe it a bit more I would say that contemplation is the art of saving one´s sanity amid the wear and tear of everyday life. It is an art we are all in deep need, but is up to us to discover a way of taking time of our already over-timed tasks of everyday life and recharge batteries.




What´s your opinion?

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