Survival is the ability to swim in strange water.

Frank Herbert

Surviving is keep on living in spite of difficult conditions. Humans and animals know what this means. No one escapes it. Surely, we will become aware later that survival is one of the most useful life skills to be learned.

Survival takes us out of our comfort zone to unknown places carrying only courage, fear, and the uncertainty of the outcome. We learn to dig deeper although it rains, we learn to sail in stormy waters.

Ultimately the need to survive sharpens our resilience, our ability to recognize good opportunities, and choosing well in our lives. It may well be a blessing in disguise.

But surviving should be a chapter in our lives, a temporary circumstance, not a permanent residence for our souls.

There are people that seem to live all their lives in a state of survival, always with their hands on their pants, afflicted and scared. All of us know people like that…

But we are more than a frightened example of human being, we came here to be more of who we are, with our qualities and failures, to open our wings and fly, and be happy, living life fully, sailing towards our dreams, even in the presence of  difficult circumstances.

During those trying times, we should keep the flame of hope inside of us, so that along the way we find the gifts of joy and pleasure, and the motivation to never let go of our dreams and passions.




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