Diversity can mean a lot of things in many contexts, but two things are true, the context is always positive, and related to abundance. A multiplicity filled with choices. A three dimension reality (at least), and a way of living in colors, not black and white.

Who has never lived in the grey area of life?

Diversity is a quality. It implies tolerance and respect for whom or what is different. It  is all inclusive of the other, of their right to choose differently, and make particular life choices. Accepting diversity is also to be able to put ourselves in the shoes of the other person.

We accept other people´s right as well as our own right. True, we have built our own worlds, educations, jobs, money, and that may lead us to think we are better, or worse when we make the big, big mistake of comparing ourselves with others who have more or less than us. If we were “naked” of the things around which we have built our identity, would we not be on the same level playing field as everybody else? Adopting this perspective help us to put ourselves in the others shoes more easily. It is my immediate attitude adjustment.

It is a pity that in a time when we have so much information that could be transformed into good knowledge, some people choose to use that information and knowledge in a  wrong and damaging way to others. And the excuse they give themselves and others? They have to win the world and subdue others, because the way they live, think, or worship is the right one, everybody else is wrong.

What a great way to kill diversity and creativity and abundance!





What´s your opinion?

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