My life is like a stroll upon the beach, as near the ocean´s edge I can go.

Henry David Thoreau

It is in some moments, some special moments, that I marvel at this thing we have called live. These moments don´t make themselves known, don´t warn us of their coming, so I guess part of what makes them wonderful is the surprise effect they have on us.

That moment came today when I read this quote (I am a quote fan), and  I found myself wondering how someone can, in one sentence, describe a whole life choice and perspective.troll, and this has a lot to do with life.

Strolls by the beach have  a lot to do with the essentials of life. One that chooses simplicity over complicated decluttered over cluttered. We can see this in our homes when we accumulate things after things, and our minds and hearts too, the poisoned thoughts and feelings that leave us tired, worried and impatient, up to the point of losing our sanity.

I to have made the decision to live for having a simple life, to go back to the purity and peace of the basics. I don´t need to accumulate things and clutter in my home or in my mind or heart. Happiness doesn´t live there. Never has.

Between the rush and the demands of the day, I try, in my mind, to go back to that beautiful and peaceful beach, and take a  slow, relaxing stroll by the water, soothing my mind.

Annie Blue



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