One of the thing I spend more time on is to learn to live well and make the most of my time here in this world.

I find that this search is decisive in the quality and satisfaction with our life experience. We get to choose which possiblities we want to experiment and those we do not. Yes…because life is made of a series of possibilities, good or bad only the future can tell. And yes…we get to choose the level of intensity of life we want to experiment in our lives.

Life  is made of crunches of time, years, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Considering the challenges life throws at us, it can be a true art, as well as a challenge, a workmanship of persistence to get the most of how we spend our time.

It seems to me that here lies a great, great secret of life, one that I am always struggling with, i must confess, because days aren´t always the same, the different phases of our lives neither, their demands change constantly, requiring of us different skills, and so…making the most of my time, and plan it can be an unfulfilling and unfinished task, one more task on my to-do list, leaving me frustrated.

Then, there are new habbits I want to develop, new things I want to learn, but end by not developping nor doing, and I lose consistency, and feel bad about myself because of it.

It is important to know how  we want to spend our time, but it is also important to persist in doing the things that we need to do in order to put our plans into action.

In the beginning doing a new  thing is uncomfortable, we don´t know were to begin, we begin the task then stop, pick it again from time to time, to later giving it up altogether, or if we are strong enough in our minds and hearts, and have them aligned,  we may very well succed in changing or creating a new habit.

If we persist and master ourselves we will have the joy of  expand a little more, gain more self-reliance and confidence, and a learning, curious mind should be ours everyday of our lives. Procrastination should not.


Annie Blue









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