It is by living intentionally that we transform a common existence into an extraordinary one.

Hi everyone!

Who wants to be common? average even? I believe nobody likes neither. In spite of this universal fact, most people are common/average. The truth is that going from common/average to extraordinary doesn´t happen by chance. No, for even chance favours a prepared mind.

Extraordinary lives require extraordinary life mindsets and extraordinary work. The kind of work only discipline creates. All wrapped in endurance and persistence.

A lot of people are not willing to take that extra step, although they wouldn´t mind to have an extraordinary life. They want the result but not the work attached to it.

That extra step. That extra effort. I speak for myself. But one thing I do know. I would not be happy and settle with average. I would protest all the rest of my life for not trying. If I felt happy with average I would accept that. I do not. I am trying to discipline some areas of my life that are left undisciplined, abandoned to the winds, turbulences and feelings of any given day.

Days follow one another like they always have. 24 hours is all we have, all of us, all over the world. This fact remains unchanged decade after decade. The same 24 hours for the most extraordinary life to the most common  one, and every choice of life in between.

I believe the difference may well rely on the discipline and dedication with wich each person faces when choosing how they will manage the hours of the day. It also relies, surely, on the bullet proof mindset, quality of thoughts, feelings, self-worth and deservability. All these factors play a difference in the path from common/average to extraordinary.

We, commons, have a consolation prize: average is at approximately the same distance from common than it is from extraordinary, and average doesn´t mean failure or unsuccess if it is a responsible and deliberate choice that accepts the consequences of being ok with things as they are and not looking for anything more.

With extra effort and discipline, we can lead our potential in life to new heights. I say in life because my reflection doesn´t apply only to work, but also to life so that it can be a complete fulfilling experience.

How much better place the world could be, how much happier we could become, and set an uplifting example for the future generations. Wouldn´t it be exquisite?

Life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences, but rather it is a tapestry of acts that culminate in an exquisite, sublime plan.


Happy blogging!


Annie Blue










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