Choose hapiness



This is a night of a winter day. It could be any given day. It was dark cloudy, and it rained. And it could be any given night. But a sea salt bath changed this blah day.

I had been struggling with my January editorial calendar, that is already one week behind what I had planned. Nothing came out of my mind, nothing ever comes when for some reason my work doesn´t go as I planned, and I stress out.

So I decided to take a hot, scented bath, I love baths, and they heal my states of mind and emotions enormously. I always loved water and I feel like returning to my origins. Its clarity, its purity, the way it touches our skin.

Some of the best ideas come during my bathing times :). As I was there, smelling the invigorating scent of my sea salt bathing gel, I found that I only want to say this to you, now that we turned the page of another newborn year…


Choose hapiness, because hapiness is also a choice and a decision we take with our minds, not only our hearts.

Annie Blue

Who in their right mind would choose otherwise?

Happy blogging!

Annie Blue


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