Hi everybody! Happy New Year!

A brand New Year. 366 unwritten days. A clean slate. There is no better time to start anew, and leave negativity and harmful emotions behind. It is worth the effort of looking for and adopt healthier patterns of thinking and feeling. It eases the relationship with ourselves and the relationships with others. It makes us happy and more fulfilled and to live with more satisfaction, knowing that we are assuming responsibility for our internal life and for how we express that life when dealing with others.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I used to be afraid of taking too much space in life and was terribly afraid of causing a bad impression upon others. So I avoided expressing contrary points of view, so I wouldn´t  have to defend my position and cause problems and…enemies.

To be able to live like that we have to build a facade, one face we present others, always smiling agreeably agreeing with the crowd, otherwise that wouldn´t be possible.

Inevitably what we build behind the facade is resentment, frustration toward ourselves and others, and deny to ourselves what we really feel and think about things. That is not a pretty sight.

Being a spiritual person, I came to that conclusion one day. I remember this conclusion to be an end to a path, a road that I have taken somewhere on my journey that suddenly turned horribly wrong. It is draining and confidence killer to be a people pleaser. They won´t love you or respect you more for that.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Maya Angelou

Journaling can help cleaning our mind, our emotions, can help us think about something we are happy about, worried or sad about. We only need pen and paper. One of the best things I did for myself was starting a journal. I already have some years of journaling and it is always enlightening to go back and relive my memories.

Every day I write my 750 words, at least. Presently I write more than that and it is getting easier and easier. The payoff has been huge! Gently, little by little, writing turns my attention and I begin to meditate on things, on life, feelings, and emotions, life strategies, goals, paths. Journaling reduces my stress and I feel myself gaining clarity and peace.

Journaling is a tool for thinking! Good, right?

Of course, I am not the only one benefiting from journaling. No, we all know writing is all benefits :), and that is good because we are all writers.


  • makes us happy
  • makes us think better and communicate better
  • helps us create a daily discipline to write
  • helps us to put difficult events in perspective
  • helps us to maintain our mental youth
  • helps us to count our blessings and be grateful
  • helps us to focus
  •  help us to learn
  • helps us heal


A journal and a blog are different things. A journal is a diary, a notebook you keep where you write about your day, or whatever happens you feel is important to you. A journal is private by nature. You can hide your journal in a drawer, in a secret place.

A blog is public and is part of a community. It can also be personal and document one´s life. It is the part of your journal that you can share with the world. Those ideas and thoughts you want to tell people about and look forward to having their comments and new ideas.

It should go without saying, but I say it nonetheless, we should keep in mind some rules of etiquette while blogging about your personal affairs, and intimate, personal details that don´t necessarily interest the world. A blog should not be a place for washing the dirty laundry, and there are details in our lives that good sense tells us not to share.

Blogging and journaling can be branches of the same tree. They can substitute or complement each other. It can be very interesting to keep a paper journal and a blog, we can always get ideas from our journal. It is very gratifying to write for a community, it challenges us to be better writers, to share with others a bit of ourselves, to be humble and accept different perspectives from our own.

Blogging can be a good business too, for those who learn and study, gaining expertise in their chosen fields, finding ways to reach people with products and services that help them in their lives. We should be able to learn from each other.

We all have a lot of information in us that we can transform into knowledge and give to others. If we search deep inside, we do have! All of us have something to give. Giving is good in itself, and the one who gives also receives!

This is a new year, and we have so much to share with each other. There are endless valid reasons for starting a blog! The world needs people who think, who reason, who write, who are not afraid to feel, to stand for what they believe, and are happy , and whole and unique.

Happy blogging!


Annie Blue


What´s your opinion?

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