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It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.

Tony Robbins

Hi, everyone!

This is my first blog. When I started it I thought long and hard about what it was going to be about. I am a very synthetic person and can resume and synthesise a text easily as I breathe, and I am terribly effective and efficient in everything I do (or at least I try to, and definitely see myself that way). I am a perfectionist. And I often wonder if this way of being/thinking/rationalise doesn´t border insanity.

Strangely, it was blogging that forced me to stop and take a closer look at myself and the way I expressed my ideas, in a rational, clear-cut manner, no feelings attached. Just two and two equals four. This change of conscience happened because I began reading other people blogs, and I began to notice that people often enjoyed expressing emotions and their personal stories. This was quite a novelty to me since the chance of putting my feelings and deep thoughts into the world was a remote possibility as going to the Moon.

My formative years as a young adult coincided with a big, big tragedy in my family, one that put in question my identity. Point blank. There are tragedies that happen to us that make us suffer. There are tragedies that happen that not only make us suffer but also put our whole identity in question. This was one of them.

With it came my total disconnection with my feelings, their unexpected forms of expression was something I couldn´t bear. In those days, I hoped, from the bottom of my heart, to feel nothing at all. At least I didn´t hurt. At least I was safe. I felt better expressing nothing. That obviously had a profound impact in my life, in my emotional life, and the connection body-mind-emotions.

My writing was a casualty, only to rise again to life when I decided to begin a creativity challenge and later my blog.

On the other hand, I have always loved learning new things and my interests are vast.

So, blog about what?…well…it seemed to me back then…that I should blog about what I wanted to learn, and I wanted to learn more about…blogging! Regardless the tons of blogging blogs around the web. Whatever. It was motivational to me, it still is. One topic. Or maybe not so…

With time, I found that some blogging side topics weren´t too out of tone, and I began to publish out of topic posts now and then, when I found them useful and interesting, mine and others. No problem with that. Also, I never wanted to be boring, neither plan to monetize this blog, at least directly (more of that later).

Limiting oneself to a topic is hard in a world of such a variety. I have curiosity and interest in a lot of things. So, my strategy? create other blogs that are more focused in a defined subject. I think that for the purpose of monetization it is more important to maintain a coherent and solid line of thought and publication around a defined subject, adding value to our readers.

One topic or more depends a lot on what we want from our blog. They are all different as is our purpose for them. The most important phase in the creation of any blog is the one that has a pen and paper, and it is called planning.

Happy blogging!


Annie Blue



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