Have you ever considered investing in content writing services for your blog? : A blogger´s perspective



Hi everyone!

Content is king. Quality content is king.

This is my perspective. It is really a matter of personal choice, one that, for the sake of coherence, I would consider right from the beginning of your blog. It depends a lot on the results you want to achieve from your blog or website, and what it means to you. From the beginning, you should build your content marketing strategy, and content should be the core of it.

Something I learned to do when I am reading a post, mine, and others, is to take out (mentally) the images included in that post. Hmmm…What I get, as a result of this scan, well, is…I wouldn´t say disappointing…but something that is far from the embellishment, the gloss, the added value given by the images.

Right from the start, blogging has been a self-discovery tool, an adventure, of testing my limits and capacities, of developing new skills, learning, and perfecting skills that I already have. Since I began blogging it was out of the question to stop, so I guess that means I am doing the right thing! Now I have invested too much in training and time to stop!

I want to write my own content, and I am a keen advocate because I think everyone has something valuable to express and share with others. We might not know exactly what that is, but we do have it if we look closely inside of us.

In blogging we have a lot to learn!…or at least we should: we should master some of the technical skills (web design, etc) required to developing an eye-catching blog, the visual aspect of it is very important, but, like a good perfume on a smelly person, it should not mask the lack or poor content. I have always appreciated the power of a nice image, so much so that I am planning to buy a camera and take my own pictures, but you bet I will pay twice attention to the content I write.

You have to know English fluently and if you, like me, have another language as your first language you should invest in learning it a.s.a.p. I write all my content in English, I am talking with the world! :). I took English in college, so I was more than glad and eager to practice it. I have always loved writing also, and I can do that here. I use some language tools, so I don´t make a fool of myself. If I ever did, and you didn´t tell me, I hope you had a good laugh! 🙂

I have always loved the internet, the online world and how wonderful it is to be able to learn things from others, and what we can teach them in return. My personality is Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging (INFJ), so I feel like a fish in the water on-line. Blogging had to cross my path sooner or later.


Of course, making some money out of it is in my agenda, but further down the road, there are some basic things that I have to master and stabilize. I began my blog two years ago, and it has been a real challenge from then on, just to be able to post regularly. I work all day, but from the first moment, with all respect for the work developed by the people writing content for others, I wanted my blog to be the full and deep expression of me, so I never consider buying it.

If you look at my blog and my experience from the beginning until now, you will see the nude reality of a blogger who started from scratch. You will see the evolution on the writing (I hope), the blank periods (sorry for them, I failed you), the frustrations and the joys of this life choice, like every other life options.

So you see that there is a lot of me and what I like in blogging. This is a true portrait of what it means to me, and how I feel it. This blog expresses the authentic me, no on-line avatar.

I don´t want to judge who buys content, it is neither good or bad, as I said before. It just means that if you put an X in a machine, you should not expect to harvest Y. What you put in, you harvest.

I think we should make a true analysis to what we what from blogging and of what it really means to us. I think that if I choose to invest in content writing services I would feel this experience a lot differently, from what I feel when the content is all up to me, to every published post.

I would spend more money than I spend now. Presently the only money I spend is in learning the skills I feel I need to blogging better. And you know? I learned new things that I apply in building my blog, and my full-time job also gains from it.

I plan to continue creating my own content, and that is implying making a better time management, and really persist in creating consistent writing habits so I can publish regularly.

Then one of these days I will create an information product.

As I said, nobody knows better than you what you want to say, what your target audience is, which plans you have for the blog.

But please, if you don´t know how to write for the web, please learn it, and apply yourself to it. Even if you don´t like to write, and choose to buy content, how would you check the content you bought? its quality?

Also, there is nothing worse for a reader than a poorly written post. As a reader and a born researcher, I am always looking for creative and inspirational blogs, and confess that I get a bit disappointed when the blog is not written by its owner. It loses authenticity, and I wonder what image this person wants to transmit to the world. Those things matter to me a lot!!!!!!

Finally, remember that a piece of content has your name on it, you are fully responsible for it, and you have your reputation to think about.
Happy blogging!

Annie Blue


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