Hi, everyone!


And life gets in the way. You are going to read this a lot here. Because things happen, and life is not a painting hanging still in a wall. Some days, I wish it was. But no, life is dynamic and is constantly moving and evolving, bringing new things to our lives and taking away old and useless ones.

My cat, my darling Kiko, got sick, and I had to pill him twice a day during two weeks, all by myself. I am not complaining, but he is a very big and heavy cat. 🙂 . I work all days, good and bad ones. From Monday to Friday. Life is a never boring challenge, but how tired I felt at the end of each day, medicating my sweet cat!

What to do when life gets in the way of my routine? How do I cope with the unexpected? And the impact it has particularly on my creative routines? The first thing I do is going with the flow. There is no need to resist events, or emergencies that get in our way. So I just go with it. Just do it!

I haven´t come across something so abrasive to my creativity than the immediate urgencies, and unexpected demands of daily life. It cleanses creativity like bleach cleanses our houses and clothes.

I literally feel creativity abandoning me when I don´t have time to nurture it, the willing to create and to live life on a creative sphere. I need to water this flower.

I find myself often balancing “real” life and the creative life. The best thing to do is to go on, to get back on track as soon as I can, and not losing much time to think whether I should or not.


Gone are the days I thought life was an immaculate path, without delays, everything unfolding perfectly each day. This doesn´t exist in real life, only in movies does life unfolds in an hour or two.

Life is flawed and things happen in our lives rather randomly, without worries about how are we going to cope with that. I don´t know where I came up with that idea, and it doesn´t matter really. It only makes me admire more those who persist and are successful in creative areas.

Now I know how difficult that may be, the challenge that it is every day. And we never know really how the day is going to evolve and end. Now I know what it takes.


I started Morning Pages a couple of months ago. I have always loved Julia Cameron´s books and came to the conclusion that this was the right time to bet on my creative side.

Living on the creative side of life makes all the sense to me, I feel better, more fulfilled and completed. There is a side of me that only sees the light of day when I write. And I need that light in my life. Everything is much better. It looks that life aligns itself when I insist on that practice.

So, I started Morning Pages, but in the beginning was a little reluctant to wake up earlier to write. Usually, I write at the end of the day, or during lunch break. I doubted this would work out. Ultimately I stopped resisting because my logic said to me that Julia certainly knew better. So I gave it a try.

I need time to make the internal adjustments necessary to set myself in action and accomplish whatever I want to accomplish. I have my own clock to do things. I don´t know how many mornings it took me, but I know that after I began I was all excited and anxious in the morning, eager to start the process of cleaning my heart and mind. The benefits have been tremendous. I think clearly, unexpected things happen, as in everyone´s lives, but I am able to deal with them very differently.
As time goes by, I begin to realize that I have a lot buried inside of me. A lot that yearns to see the light of day, and rest definitely in peace.

October has begun, autumn has begun, and as much as I like summer, nothing beats this regenerating season, where old things give place to new ones. Let´s see where it will lead this time around.

Annie Blue



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