Do you have healthy boundaries?


When you feel yourself becoming angry, resentful or exhausted , pay attention to where you haven´t set a healthy boundary.

Crystal Andrus

And this was my lesson the past week. A very impacting one.

Someone interfered unreasonably in a task handed to me. Acquiescing with this interference  would put me in a position to be permanently used and abused, without no respect whatsoever. I have been noticing this kind of behaviour for quite a while. I didn´t give it much importance, but now I decided things would have to change.

This time I stood up for myself, without feeling intimidated. And I felt proud of myself.

Fences serve two purposes. One is to keep us in. Other is to keep others out.

It is important to have a fence that allow us to open the gate and courageously go in the direction of others. Harder is to let others open our gate and come in our direction.

But the hardest thing is to put someone in their place, outside our fence, when this person abuses and crosses our lines, our limits.

Good fences make good neighbours, so they say, and this is very true.This implies a healthy self-esteem, confidence in ourselves and our value.

“No” is a complete sentence.

Anne Lamott

Annie Blue


What´s your opinion?

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