The Secret to Simplify your Blogging Life


the book of life

the book of life

How simplifying your life creates space for blogging. It is so obvious that we don´t do it.

A healthy mindset is very important if we are going to live life to the fullest and be productive. Personally I find it essential in achieving my goals and well-being in life. You probably have noticed already that I put great emphasis on this .

The right mindset impacts directly the good or bad results, in blogging, as in life, in general.  when you have to manage a lot of things, when you have a full-time job and want to blog, and want to live, you must organize yourself. From the inside out. I don´t believe in instant solutions, but really true transformations.

Wanting to blog has really forced me to pay attention to what I do with my time, to how I organize my tasks and find time where before was none. My conclusion: I have wasted a lot of time. Now I am beginning to feel more in the moment (a true blessing!), and sharp. As the internet is almost an addiction to me, I put a time limit in the time I spend doing researches and veg out on-line.

If, like me, you have little time to waste, you have to have things set up in a way that they flow, and you feel agile when going from one task to another.  You need to get rid of the superfluous. Of the excess. Of accumulating things.

This crosses every aspect of you life. Your house, your cupboards, below your bed :), your mind. You have to pay attention to what it is in plain view, as well as  to what is hiding.

Our mental, spiritual and emotional landscape are important. They all dependent of each other.

I don´t think there is any other solution than to simplifying your life. This will lead you naturally to an organized and productive life. You will feel less tired. And a lot, lot happy, calm and in control.



To simplify your life, you have two areas to pay attention:

  • The physical space in which you move, particularly the most intimate space, which is your home;
  • Your internal landscape and dialogue

You should start by:

  • Clean and declutter your house and transform it in a home. There´s no other way. You got to clean that clutter! This summer I read Marie´s Kondo book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and I say this is a must-read if you need motivation in this area;
  • Set your mind to live in the moment. Living life instead of thinking about life. Be participant in life, not in the audience;
  • Prepare today what you have to do tomorrow;
  • Cut the distractions;
  • Simplify, simplify, simplify everything you can!

Annie Blue


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