Where to begin: Begin small



I feel frustrated by the quantity of information shared on the web about blogging. I can hardly find orientation in my head. It is a silent noise. It is excessive. I can hardly remember what I have read this morning. My attention span is dramatically short, and gives no sign of getting better. My head aches and I am feeling heavy…
To worsen things everyone talks about their impressive on-line achievements. I am overwhelmed and sad by my smallness.
Where to begin? or better, where to begin again?
The tasks are insurmountable, gigantic. I think about them, and then doubt about them, and think again about everything that needs to be done to succeed. Overthinking. It seems I am trying not to drown in the tide of a sea that is rising. Will I ever get there?
Do you know how to define beginning? Pretty basic, right? Maybe you are thinking I am kidding with you. Just a moment….
In Dictionary.com, beginning (as a noun), is defined as the  point of time or space at which anything begins; the first part; the initial stage or part of anything. As an adjective, beginning means first, basic or introductory, learning the fundamentals.
You see the point… Every end has a beginning. And a path conducive to the end. We don´t jump from our good intentions to our desired outcomes. We must have the discernment to see, that for the most part, what we read about the extraordinary achievements of others, only makes us feel frustrated because we compare ourselves to them.
And they only scatter words to the wind without, for the most part, showing real evidence of what they are saying.
And in that foggy state of mind, we forget that  though paralyzed and second-guessing ourselves we must take the first step. Beginning  to really write and create, rather than only thinking, overthinking, wishing, despairing and dreaming.
Beginning is difficult, but pretty basic, as the definition says, beginning is the initial part, it is the one step at a time. The result doesn´t metamorphose itself, promptly, in our desired end. Where true creation lives, instant gratification does not. There is a path to walk. Step by step. Everyday. In a persistent and simple manner.
When you begin, turn down the noise around you. Written noise and spoken noise.
Hear only the creation that is struggling to get out.
Action is eloquence.
William Shakespeare

Annie Blue


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