Writing for traffic



I believe we all like it. No? Traffic?

When I was embarking on this new blog journey  I thought a lot about it. I thought, and still think, we should start with higher motivations in mind, like what am I going to talk about, how? what topics? to whom? will this be interesting to others?. Good posts. Posts that people like to read and feel inspired.

It has been a marvelous journey, greatly because somebody has taken their time, of a busy life, I am sure, to read what I write. And that feels very good, and it is very motivating! But it also has been marvelous because of the process that has began inside of me…and of you all that blog, I am sure it is the same 🙂

We schematize more, plan more, prioritize more, think more in what we are going to write, and put more care in how we structure our writing. This is a process of cleaning and tidying our minds, our mind garbage and we feel a lot better in the end, don´t we? We think and express ourselves more clearly, and that feels good, and has good repercussions in our lives as a whole.

But then, there comes a time when we get curious, when we want to try every trick of the trade. So now I am wanting to try to explore how to get more traffic. And so, I am going to write some posts with that in mind. I hope the posts doesn´t read like machine written, or be senseless. Be calm. I am not a machine :), at least not yet…and I will not publish it if I don´t find any worth in it.

I know I can buy traffic, but that is easy, isn´t it? I like a good fight! and learning new things!

Do you know any trick on writing for traffic that you want to share?


Annie Blue


7 thoughts on “Writing for traffic

  1. Servus und lieben Dank für diesen informativen Artikel –
    von mir bekommst du 5/5 Punkte. Nachdem unsere Familie um 1 weiteres Kind vergrößert wurde,
    haben wir ein perfektes Fieberthermometer. Mit dem Typ sind wir vielmehr als froh!
    Diese Erfassung geht schmerzfrei und innerhalb von Sek..
    Indessen sollte man lieber 1-3x messen, um ohne Scheiß ein genaues Resultat zu erzielen.

    Liked by 1 person

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