#Blogging 101 – A Brand New Challenge



A new month (I think I still can say that! 🙂 ), a new week, and a brand new challenge.

This is an uplifting way to start the week. Learning new skills and tools, improve those we know already. And who better than WordPress to teach us?

I like to learn. And I like to write. What I have is a lot of blocking preconceived ideas about me and my ability to write something people like to read. This and a well deserved indolence at the end of the day when I get home from work :).

Regardless, I must go on. Because I have to be honest. I love my job, but as in most jobs we are not exactly, every day, deliberately pushing for our creative mind. No, not really. I don´t know if you agree with me…or have a different experience .

I love my job and I love to work. And I also love doing more systematic tasks, routine tasks. It is good. It is not enough though. I need my sparkling creative side to shine also. And I know by now I cannot put my fruits all in one basket, ask everything from one job, because it simply is not humanly feasible. Neither I would like it. I have always been quite good at multitasking, it gives me a great flexibility. And I have always been against having only once source of income 🙂

It is true I have plans, we all have don´t we?

And we know that success, wherever it exists is greatly firmed on faith on ourselves, on our God, and work =effort. Improving. Walking that walk we thought we would never walk. Taking that extra step we thought we would not have the strength to take.

May this challenge be that next extra step towards our goals and dreams, and whatever reason we have to blog.


Annie Blue




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