The lady who wouldn´t stop knitting


Anyone who hasn´t had obsessive thoughts or behaviors raise their hand, so the rest of us mortals, who have had them, can congratulate you.

From what I concluded in my research, the vast majority of people, in several different countries suffers, or have suffered from obsessive thoughts or behaviors in their life.

If seen from the outside, these people (us 🙂 ) seem rather crazy and senseless. From the inside we can feel the pain and suffering of being caught in some crazy wheel spinning around and around like if there was no tomorrow. One which we cannot control. It just goes round and round…

We repeat endlessly the same mental torture…focusing on a detail that assumes alarming proportions inside our heads, always fidgeting, because everything…and everyone has to be the way we think they should, otherwise we make a fuss, undoubtedly.

We suffer a prison without bars, and we can´t get free. The vision of reality is greatly impaired, if not totally lost, because we can only focus on one thing, regardless of what goes around us. With the reality goes good common sense, self-control, and happiness. We easily became numb to feelings and emotions, and where bad emotions go…good follow, as they are different sides of the same coin.

We focus, focus, and focus some more, perfecting our focus (once again) on a particular detail that has to be corrected as soon as possible.

It is quite alarming the level of control one exerts when obsessions. The truth is no one can control situations totally, nor people. Wanting this is awful. We should look forward to let go and let God. accept what comes our way, and deal with it. Believe me, life gains more vivid and deep colors. We feel vibrant and light.

If you suffer from obsessive disorders seek medical help, turn to God and develop your spirituality, attend Emotional Anonymous meetings. Do everything in your power to heal from that hurtful state of mind.

I found a video on You Tube that describes, I would say lovely (if this word can be applied in this context), a poor lady caught with an obsession: knitting 🙂 It is a funny video, a short film, but one who illustrates and describes with intelligence what happens when someone is caught seriously obsessing over something.

In this case this lady knitted like there was no tomorrow! Regardless of her safety, her health, and her life.

Don´t blame knitting, thought. It was just an example, and you can see how simplicity can enlighten and make us understand some of the most complex things in our lives.

Hope you enjoy!



Annie Blue





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