Adverbs no more – well almost!



#writing101 the task today is to change adverbs in a previous piece to more descriptive words.  A difficult one, but gets you thinking about the Stephen King quote above doesn’t it?  Well I tried, and I guess that’s better than not trying at all!

“Breakfast is served from 9.00 until 11.00 on a Sunday miss”, he said to me when I called. “Can’t be any later as we do a roast too and we haven’t got the kitchen space for any more breakfast food after 11.00.” I had called to book a table for a birthday breakfast for my father. We were caravanning in New Quay, Wales and had heard that this little cafe served fantastic, home made food. Table booked for 9.30 with my happy cafe owner; my father was delighted, especially about the local black pudding!

We arrived and were shown to our table by a slim, teenage…

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