The mother


John and Amanda were walking trough the park together, holding hands and they pass an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater.

John looked at her, felt a deep twinge in his heart and began to cry. He saw her, not with his face eyes, but with his heart´s eyes, he immediately remembered his mother knitting his sweaters when the war had left almost no money to splurge on clothes. The sweaters, to John, were love.

Amanda looked at the old lady, and thought of the orphanage cook where she had grew up. She was always knitting something between the meals. Though times those times. They were very close, and the cook tried to teach her how to knit. The teachings, to Amanda, were nourishment.

The old lady was knitting a small red sweater to her grandson. He would be born pretty soon, she must hurry to have everything ready for him. Everything and everyone should be ready to welcome him into the world. The arrangements, to her, were devotion.


Annie Blue




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