Portrait of a Character

She was ancient as the ages, her body frail as a breeze. Always dressed in black since the dead of her husband. This sad event has contributed to her white hair, making it even whiter and shiny.


I knew her many years ago, she was a friend of my mother, but it was only last year that I had the privilege to know her better. This happened quite unexpectedly, like the best things in our lives often do. I had moved to a new city, to a new job, all alone. And so I began calling her after work. And I kept calling, because she was all alone in her big and beautiful house, and I was alone in my small apartment, miles away. I guess it is human nature to search for others, to create connections with other human beings. She was quite pleased to have somebody to talk to and me too.


What drawned me to her was her sagesse, her understanding heart, her wisdom. She had her share of disappointments, her husband being dead so soon, and her son living far away. She could have just turned bitter with life, people often do. Instead, she grew in grace, love, and poise.  And I, I totally connected, and wanted some of that too. I wanted to learn from her, and she was willing to teach and share her life experience and her thoughts.


She was old, eighty-five last year, and could just sit on the sofa and watch television all day long. She could complain of her loneliness, of her health, of everything old people, and young people complain about. She did none of that. On the contrary. She kept her routines of getting up in the morning at 7:00 a.m, taking care of her house, of her garden, of her animals. Sometimes she would even go to the market, by foot :), and she had to walk a considerable distance…


She was a model of strength, and her faith, unwavering. She had hope in her heart. Every single day. Or at least that was what she teach me to, and that only highlighted her faith, because she must have had bad days, we all do. What she teached me was invaluable, and I tried to soak every bit of her knowledge in life.


I don´t know if she noticed, but she was one of the people I admired the most, one whose opinion I treasured the most. I guess there are people that leave their mark in our lives. She left hers in mine. Even now, I still haven´t met anyone who can compare.



Annie Blue


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