The letter


I stumbled upon an envelope on the path of my house´s front yard. This envelope intrigued me, because it was typed and had no sender name. I opened it and began to read the letter. It was typed also, and I began to read it. The author wanted me to know that the man I always have known as my godfather was indeed my biological father, not the man I called father. The letter did not simply stated, it presented facts, that I knew, but had not associated with this new reality. I am heartbroken and don´t know what to do next, but I would like to find out who send the letter and why, after all these years.

Annie Blue



6 thoughts on “The letter

  1. I enjoyed this, however, I feel like for a further impact on the reader you may want to use more descriptive words to really elaborate on her feelings. That is quite an emotional shock to experience, and you can really discuss in a few more words the questioning, the doubt, the guilt, the pain, the anger, anguish etc. 🙂

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