The Sound of Music


This is going to be easy for me. I don´t  know about you, but music has always been important in my life. I like it so much that I rather listen to radio than see television. 🙂



The first music I choose is All I ask of you (, from the musical Phantom of the Opera :). I choose it because I think it is one of the beautiful love songs I have heard, and it is all how I think love should be 🙂 intimate in the mind and emotions, not at all like the love Hollywood gives us in warped and twisted versions. Raoul love is about protection, presence, truthfulness, a true knight in shining armor!


My second choice is Beautiful, by Marilion ( and for me this music talks about someone who has kept his authenticity, and sensitivity in a world of concrete indifference, pop culture anesthesia and futility, and intolerance with each other and our differences. In our world this person is strong enough, faithful, courageous and honest. Beauty is skin deep 🙂 It states that we should live in a beautiful world, and beautiful people are a beacon of light for that beauty.


My third choice is Changed by Rascall Flats ( I came across this music by chance…just when I faced significant changes in myself and the way I saw the world and others. I came across Changed when I accepted Christ, and accepted having to forgive myself and others, for past hurt and disappointments. It was a time of starting anew, when I decided to leave behind all my luggage since the weight had become unbearable. In the beginning of that path I found tears, presently, I find light and lightness. 🙂

Annie Blue


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