So, what do you think of an arranged marriage?


I must confess to you, it was one of the most shocking things I have witnessed lately.

At first, they were merely two friends, a boy and a girl, for the sake of clarity and privacy, let´s call them Jake and Sally, enjoying each other´s company, and talking about all the things friends talk about. And suddenly, in one of our sunday afternoons get together, I heard Sally saying to the Jake (single) that her sister, let´s name her Mary needed to marry to escape her much suffocating mother. The conversation was kept, by Sally on this subject the rest of the afternoon. I thought to myself that she was literally putting her sister on a plate and handing her to him, I then I thought, no way, dignified people don´t do this, surely I missed something in the context of the conversation, surely I didn´t understand it right or something…

Sally birthday came and we were all invited to her party, and suddenly, once again, to my bewilderment she put some music playing and asked Mary and Jake to dance. Honestly, how low can you go? How much obvious can you be?

The next week, Mary and Jake and the rest of us went to the cinema, and the night ended with Jake escorting Mary to her bus. The next sunday, the very suffocating mother had disappeared and Jake and Mary seemed to be knowing each other.

I must confess I had never witnessed something like this first hand. I was, to say the least, shocked! I still am.

Arranged marriages bring some deep questions and thoughts to my mind:

  • In a place where people say they submit to the will of God, at recognize Him as the sovereign and master of life, how can we find the will of God in these kind of man created arrangements?
  • It gives another dimension to what it is being an easy woman, after all not only those out there in the streets, but a woman so desperate to accept being part of such an arrangement.
  • How manipulative some people can be towards others;
  • How easy it is to manipulate a person, who is emotionally fragile, weak in will, easily manipulated and convinced.
  • And the coldness one has to have to take advantage of someone´s weaknesses for personal gain.

So what´s you opinion on arranged marriages?

Annie Blue


What´s your opinion?

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