The quest for greatness


It is easy and quick to set up a  blog :), we only have to answer the questions and fill in the blanks that the platform requires.

When we go to the realms of creating substance for the blog, we enter a very different world. It is anything but easy and quick, particularly when you have more than a half the world telling you what to write about and how to. The trend is to search the net for what has been published and re-write what we find interesting. To a certain extent, that was what I did.

I must admit I didn´t see this change come in my perspective on blogging, but suddenly I am aiming to ponder my writing, to polish my posts, put more effort in writing, and I have only jotted ideas here and there, as they come. I don´t feel very comfortable in doing that any more. I need to revisit my writing basics, choose and idea to develop, explain it, expand it, dissect it. Know what I am writing about, but also why am I writing. I need focus. I need to put more heart, more care, more joy.

There is no greatness where there is no simplicity.

And I need to write creatively, I need to look at my writing and now that I am not a parrot, replicating subjects, jargon. I want to know the structure of my writing. I now I can do much better than this (which has been a nice start, by the way). I want to write effectively, I want to innovate. Maybe I am on the path to the Greatness that God destined to me. And who doesn´t want to be great?

Annie Blue


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