New Year’s Resolution 1/2

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Most enjoy the New Year because it’s a way for them to plan and execute resolutions to better their lives. It is when an individual makes a promise to themselves for self-improvement or to help others in need. Some of the most common resolutions for 2015 are to lose weight, quit smoking, volunteer, save money, take a trip, eat healthy, and manage debt. estimates about 45% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions and only about 8% are successful in achieving their resolution. Most resolutions fail because people set unrealistic goals. Achieving just one resolution is a mental game one has to fight with every day. To be part of the 8% people need to start with making 1 to 3 resolutions for the year. Too many goals will be difficult for the person to manage and focus resulting in many failed resolutions. The lack of a positive social support…

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