For now, we will stay right here :)


When I first started this blog, I had a hunch that I had found a good thing, and a way of expressing my inner life, tastes and opinions about the blogging world I was just discovering :). I found a new and rewarding long-term project! I could “talk” with people, and they could like or not like what I said and how I said it.

Of course, I had the long-term project of monetizing the blog. And also the long -term determination of not compromising quality, over cash. I am thinking of those ads I see in a lot of blogs, that have little or nothing to do with their content. I have been observing the ads, I have been “studying” them, where they are placed (and some are quite annoying to the reader), their content (sometimes ridiculous). How on earth would somebody want them I don´t know…I know I am being vague, and I am vague with the intent of not pointing examples, that wouldn´t be fair. Ultimately I understand the motivation for somebody to want ads in their blog 🙂



With the last paragraph I am not saying I am better than the others, I am just saying I have the joy of having a full-time job that allows me to pay my expenses and be picky about what I put in my platforms :), but don´t you wish to be on my shoes just yet, because this means I have two jobs, and need to find energy and strength, to do both :), and I swear that at the end of the year I don´t have neither the energy nor the strength. Today I envy the bears that can hibernate, and I just wish some of that sleep…



I would like to share that it wasn´t supposed for us to be here on my blog. I planned to buy my domain and hosting, as a Christmas gift to myself :), and add more functionalities to the paid blog.

I can´t tell you what a chore it has been! I didn´t do a lot of research about the provider, only tried to choose one with a good reputation on the market, so after that, I bought the domain and hosting! I thougth it would be easy to migrate this blog to the new one! Lo and behold it was a task everything but achievable!

Quite impossible even,  I couldn´t migrate the blog! I lost some posts, my stats, my followers, Worpress Reader. I lost quite a bit of good things I had here! I practised with the themes, customization and plug-ins…so…I learned something :), and that is how I spent my Christmas day 🙂


This blog is hosted in the free wordpress, and the provider only migrated platforms that were built on! So, the only solution was starting from scratch! And I didn´t want to do that…so we undo the purchase.

From what I am learning, blogging is not an exact science as I would like to make it, and I have seen people defend that even before you devote yourself to blogging you should, from the beginning, have a purchased domain and hosting. Blessed those who can do that from the start, it means they have some cash to spend, but I have rent and food to pay, and unfortunately no money to invest up front!

Then, I have seen also people that defend you should try, experiment, and learn in a free blog, and then see how things go… I agree with this point of view, even if that means we have to start from scratch when we migrate to paid services :)!

We should experiment with a free blog first, and be really free in that experience, including not even thinking about in the beginning. We have plenty of time to establish a business if we want to. And there will be plenty of opportunities to invest some money too. 🙂

First, WE HAVE TO CREATE, do you see what I mean? getting out of the box, not inside the box of our paycheck…

From that point on I have looked to hosting providers differently, and now I am researching more carefully to see if what they have to offer meets my needs more fully! The site has been a real help, and they are quite clear on their explanations!

So for now, we will stay right here, at!

Happy New Year to All!

happy new year

Annie Blue


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