Themed-Out Weekend


Image is important. It doesn´t substitute good content, but it is very pleasing to go to a blog and see information clean and organized in an appealing way. This is what I stopped seeing on my blog.

The number of posts grew, and it was quite redundant to only see their titles. I concluded that the Bushwick theme was no longer serving my needs. So, I had to do something about this, and what I usually do (in everything, and every subject for that matter) is to think long and hard about the problem. And then, think about the best possible solution. 🙂 I believe you do that to, right?

I don´t like imposed external changes much, and I usually say that the person who wants to enforce the change on others, is the one who knows upfront he will not suffer its consequences.


The changing of my blog´s theme came from a different need, and I will surely feel its consequences :). I must confess I don´t like to go to a favorite blog and see everything upside down, and being unable to find anything anymore. The theme I knew, I grew accustomed to, and it was familiar, comfortable…The need for a change grew inside of me, and it grew, until I was forced to pay attention to what my conviction was telling me. The motives to change this blog theme I have already explained in the second paragraph.


This weekend I set myself on a mission, and that was to find another theme, one that met my needs better. One where I could see the posts more fully displayed, more information and at the same time more tidy and clean. I think I have accomplished this with this new theme, and I feel it compliments my content. I didn´t even have to change the image in the background. It is someone walking, maybe trying to find his way, his path. It fits perfectly!

As always, you have the last word, and I would love your comments on this change! 🙂

Annie Blue


What´s your opinion?

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