Niche market quest – Light my fire – The Others :)


This is the deal: It all comes down to common sense. That is my main conclusion after having completed successfully my niche market quest. 🙂

I tried to begin at the beginning, that is, researching and learning about this blog business and Internet Marketing. At first, I researched randomly, just looking for what was up in the net, and following some blogs that I thought were aligned with the kind of blog I would like to have one day. I paid attention how those blogs developed and grew overtime. My view was also critical (in a good way), and I developed the habit of thinking, if I owned this blog what would I do the same way and what would I do differently….This is a very interesting thing to do.


Also, if we approach other´s work with a perspective of humility and respect, it becomes evident that they have a lot to teach us and  we have a lot to learn, from knowing what is being published until we, ourselves, experiment blogging and find our voice, that ONE, yes, the ONE that belong to you only and it is the reflection of us, and what we have inside.


Another thing we might find, when we carry with us humility and respect towards others is an inestimable good will and support from the bloggers with whom we establish communication. Networking is important in this business :).

Since I don´t like very long posts I will stop here, but next time I will develop more ideas about what I call the first phase for a blogging wannabe: Niche Market Quest.


For now, it is important to keep in mind some ideas:

1st – Common sense (always, in every thing);

2 nd – Research randomly the search engines for information about blogging and                                                           internet marketing;

3 rd – Select a group of blogs that focus on your potential niche market and follow                                                          them (in a positive way);

4 th – Develop a critical attitude towards the blogs chosen in the last point;

5 th – Learn humbly and respectfully from others (there is no competition in God´s                                                         world 🙂 );

6 th – Networking, networking, networking, networking 🙂

See you next post!

  Annie Blue


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