If you started over right now in IM , what would you do differently?


So…If you could start anew in Internet Marketing, what would you do differently? It is a very interesting question to ask because we have to see it from a different perspective. Really, this question goes directly to a very human desire, the wishful thinking of what we would do if we could start afresh.

To be able to start over allow us to re-write the past, and shows us how we have matured and learned from our mistakes. And how we are always making mistakes in internet marketing! 🙂 If we are PERSISTENT, we make a mistake, we LEARN from it, and PERSIST and MOVE FORWARD 🙂


If we have FOCUS we will PERSIST some more, because we know we only need to see the next step and not the full road, and we know we will find failure along the way, but that´s fine, that´s part of the journey.

So, first, ask yourself, if you started over in internet marketing what would you do differently?

Then, second,  START AGAIN!



What´s your opinion?

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