The dangers of loneliness



I really want to talk about loneliness. I have been wanting for some time, and I have been shying away from doing so, since it is so deeply rooted in me. Loneliness hurts :).

Being an introvert, surely I naturally  look for ways to live and work that are in sync with that personality trait.  Most of you introvert bloggers know what I am talking about…it is easy to work and hide behind a computer screen. :), the inordinate amount of time we spend researching and writing forces us to be far away from others and from the world. It also feeds loneliness and shyness. And that ain´t good. 🙂

We are who we are, but giving  in always to our shyness and loneliness appetites is not healthy. I have always known that, but never worried. I  lived most of my life in the same town, my friends grew up with me, and we were naturally in each others lives. The problem came when I had to move to a distant town, for working reasons, and knew no one there.


Being left by myself, it became evident to me my difficulty in interacting with others and building friendships. Gladly I work outside home, in a job which I love, and that allows me also to talk and meet people. I know that working exclusively from home, will never work for me at all and is not even an option. So I am accumulating my regular job with blogging as my part-time second career, and very fortunate for being able to do so. 🙂

And what I have been trying to say is that if you are just like me, it is not good to give solitude full reign. Loneliness hurts ( I have already said that, I know) and we have to find ways to balance ourselves with a more interactive life with others. So…maybe that goes by finding a part-time or full time job outside the house (we can do that…the amount of time we waste is often unperceived …we have to waste some, but even so….we waste probably to much).


Also, engage in activities that put you out of the house and close to others, whether a book reading club, a sport, a walk in the park. Independently of the activity (a healthy one, of course), go out of the house daily and regularly, talk with someone, feel the sun, feel the rain, but live and let others share your joys in life. Your writing and blogging will benefit immensely, YOU will benefit even MORE.



Annie Blue


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