It doesn´t occur to me a better word to describe BlueChic WordPress themes! I just would love to buy all of them!

And at the speed in which I am creating new blogs, it might well be possible 🙂 However buying time hasn´t come yet.  And even if it had come, I wouldn´t know which template to choose! All of them are just beautiful! All this adventure is just beginning, and it is difficult to see where it will lead me.  One thing I am sure, it will lead to a good place indeed….

I am looking straight at a final goal here,  and I believe a lot of us do just that, look at our final goals. That might be considered the most important thing. Take care, it is not. The journey is. The journey that gets us from point a to point b, to point c, to point d, is more important that the final goal. It is between the journey from where we start to where we “end” that we get the opportunity to learn, face challenges, overcome obstacles, insecurities and fears. It is an opportunity for growth, to gain confidence, to improve ourselves, our lives and the lives of those around us, and thank God every single day for creating circumstances to keep us alive and evolving.


The funny thing is that when we get our challenge accomplished, we find another  challenge to focus on, and this process is continuous through out our lives. Life is never boring, if we look at it with children curiosity.

Anyway, The BlueChic site is developing in a very sweet, feminine and inspirational community, and there we can find not only the WordPress templates, but also tons of advice, and a new membership, One Woman Shop pay what you can. I found it very interesting :).  It´s well worth the visit! :).

Annie Blue


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