A good reason to create an information product


Let me grab the reigns of my creativity and go back to our main subject: blogging :).

Today I will focus on information product creation. It will come a day, sooner or later,  that we will want to try to create an information product. This is what I will do next. This idea was born from some online courses I am taking (need to learn the ropes of “business”) and from researching.

One thing I have as a credential, for sure, is the ability I have, and the love I have for research. I have been doing it for years, and have discovered uncountable interesting sources on subjects I love. I can spend days researching…

Now, I have been thinking about creating an information product, and that seems quite a challenge for me. At the same time, it scares and appeals me. But I will go forward with this task. What do I have to loose? Am I not trying and discovering? to gain confidence and my voice?

Power of Words

For now I know I have to solve a problem of my choosing:), tell people how I will help them, get them curious :), create a sales page (this will be a new one too!)

Eventually I know I will get better, we always do, right? with the right amount of practice that is…And we all know a bunch of stuff that can help others, don´t we? if we search carefully in the attic of our minds and rub the dust off things we put there :).

Good creations!

Annie Blue


What´s your opinion?

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