How can I help?


This should be the main question, we, as writers, should put ourselves when we are writing.

The content of our posts are the most important thing in our blogs, at least to me they are. It is through what you write that you express your ideas and things you have learned.  Truth be told there are no shortage of creative opportunities to write about, and we can all have a truly personal and original perspective over something.

The problem arises when writers fill their texts with keywords, and repeat that same words often, because they are obviously trying to be caught by the search engines. To the unguarded reader this seems a bit odd, as some kind of hypnosis is being made upon them. To the reader who knows why the text is being written the way it is , it sounds like fake, and we begin to wonder the true good intentions of the writer.


When we begin to write a post our concern should be that they are up-to-date, dutifully researched (that is why I spend so much time on them 🙂 ). But, our main concern should be, how can I help the reader in this situation? How can I give him value in the information I am sharing with him?

A good and valuable article won´t make a writer loose potential “clients”, it makes the writer loose short-term cash and gratification. People can buy once, but they won´t buy again.

Annie Blue



What´s your opinion?

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