Here is a word I don´t like. It tells me that I have been letting go of things I should do, that I want and must do.

And it is so easy to fall in procrastination…I usually compare procrastination with depression, cause once you are deep into it, it is very difficult to simply get out.

But, if it is very easy and pleasurable to put aside tasks that demand a lot of us, in the end we feel we are caught in stuckville, and nobody really wants to live there :), right? . So…we have to change our mindset and get out as soon as possible…

To me, here in the blogosphere, it means that I am becoming aware that my blogs demand of me different kinds of work, meaning that they have  present me different needs, different tasks, different results :).

To translate better  what I mean by this:

  • I feel the need, before I write something, to have some time reading. It is relevant what I read, and so I look for good and nourishing  spiritual books (the Bible on top of the list), reference and mind challenging sites and blogs, but also newcomers. It is very interesting to see how people begin and evolve and how magnificent internet is in allowing people to share knowledge and experiences;
  • Most of my blogs are very specific oriented and so, they demand a lot of research time. Then I create rather long texts in which I express my ideas over those subjects;
  • This blog here, A Beginners Blogger Diary, is the place I come to “empty handed” and impromptu writing. This is the place were I pour my heart out, and outline the next steps of this adventure.

And I feel truly complete, having all this places were I can put different skills at use, where I can exercice my critical and analytical expertise and share something with the world.  🙂

Annie Blue


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