Use Time Wisely

vintage frame

Otherwise we will never get anything done.

Time is a luxury of a resource, and we never know when it will end. 🙂 That shouldn´t be our main motivation to living today like the last day of our livest and suddenly scratch for every minute of our time. Living well and have a balanced life should. Also, there is nothing like getting to the end of each day with the feeling that it was a well spend day, and we have accomplished something, leveling our free time with our tasks time.

Now that I am into blogging, and I have to balance it with the rest of my commitments, only being able to dedicate myself part-time to this new way of live (blogging to the world), I am more aware of how I spend my time than I was before. I have to adjust my life in a new way, and it is fine by me, because I am growing and expanding :).


I am taking this blogging thing very seriously and it has become a long term goal, meaning, I am here to stay. And how do I know it? I know it because I love it, I have researched a lot about it, I have bought some books about it (I am interested and motivated 🙂 ), and the basic  failures don´t bother me that much. I am experimenting, getting the feel of it, and that is a step I really love: Failing, trying, changing, adapting, looking for the best practices, researching.

I am for dividing a big task in small chunks, in mini-tasks because they are so much more attainable, and so less frustrating, because they can be reasonably accomplished.

So…now, this all  leads me to creating a nice, pleasant and motivating time planner. I don´t know yet if it will be a weekly planner or if it will be more useful to create a daily planner…

Any ideas? 🙂

Annie Blue


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