Life will get in the way



Life will get in the way of our blogging and we have to get used to it. It wouldn´t be real to think otherwise.

Only when life gets in the way, often, we have to unwillingly stop writing, precisely in the moment when we were getting the feel of the thing, and liking it. Then we have numerous tasks to perform, many roles to play, whether a daughter, a son, a mother, a father, a friend, a colleague. The roles can be endless. It is not productive to be doing life demanding chores and think about the blog you didn´t write that day. Women, particularly, have the capacity of doing one thing and still be thinking about the next thing to do. That is a good thing :), we get to plan our to do lists better, and give tasks the appropriate priority . It is a bad thing because we are in neither place…not were we are, not were we are planning to be…not to mention that in that mental process we tend to lose ideas so easily (always best is having a small notepad to jot ideas down).

Don´t get to upset if you get interrupted in your writing by the inevitable life chores, after all it is of life, and life experiences and circumstances that our writing is about, right? As soon as chores are accomplished focus again on your writing daily routines. Everything will fall into place again, and you will be having new and interesting topics to share with the world :).


Annie Blue




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