This time I am really determined to make this blog thing work. And to do so, I only have to…work on it… 🙂 

It isn´t easy to start, I hadn´t write anything for so long, there is so much concepts to learn, so much information! So in this situation what is best? start small, take baby steps, but start! 🙂

For now I “forgot” almost everything I have learned so far. I only kept in my mind the basic concepts of research of information to brainstorm my brain, organizing my ideas in a text, introduction, development, conclusion. According to that…write!

The funny thing is that I have done just that, and I feel as if I am ingraining in me a new habit, I felt more loose, a little bit tired, but I see the beginning flowing, and now I am building this “house” from scratch, and the first brick is maybe the hardest. 

In time, when the habit becomes part of my routine, I can focus on more things. For now, my plate is full, and I am happy with the natural and slow evolution of things.


The funny thing is, when I stopped thinking about everything, ideas started to born in my head, and yesterday I had a great idea that I am going to turn into an e-book, it has to do with the Fruits of the Spirit in our women´s lives :), it has been inspired by a book I own from André Comte-Sponville, called A Small Treatise on the Great Virtues: The Uses of Philosophy in Everyday Life.

Today I came across a great, but different idea. As things have evolved better since I make plans and schemes, I tried to apply a mind map to help me develop content for the blog I am working on right now. I loved the idea, but the thing looked like a spider, with the name of the blog in the center :), and that result was not what I had intended at all.

So, how did I solve this? Because, I had to make a scheme of my ideas, no matter what! I remembered suddenly of ms word, our everyday ms word and its organogram template. And I new I had found a solution to my problem! The name of the blog in the first level, the pages on the next level, and the articles and their titles below. It looks like a factory organogram, but I don´t mind! No more scattered information, now I can see graphically the big picture!





Annie Blue


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