The promisses in the Word of God are always good and are always achievable. The thing is, they are not achievable by us alone (that is why often times things don´t happen when we want them 🙂 ), we have to be ready to receive the blessing we want so much (often, in the deepest of our hearts we are not ready), and we have to be humble and submit to God´s support, will, direction and correction.

It is true  that we have to believe in the promisse of something we desire, and that is unseen, as such, harder to believe. And I say it is true because along the way we look back and see a guiding line, and a logic in the way things unfold in our lives.

It doesn´t mean we merely stay put and do nothing…believe me, becoming ready, and developing humbleness requires a lot of work and understanding. Mastering our egos requires twice as much.

It is well worth it, the weight of the world becames lighter and lighter!


Annie Blue


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