This could be the day

I didn´t realise how much I needed holidays. I only found how much I needed them last week, when I went for a week holidays. I was really burned out! This time, I am having more difficulty in getting back to my normal routines…I am way toooo slooowww! What I have found out in my life is that I have my own time to do things, and things happen in my life at its own time (hopefully God´s time :)). It seems to me that life obeys cycles and a logic of its own, only understandable to us much later.

The summer is beginning to fade, it shows clearly on the soft crispy wind of the days. But the sun is still happy and shiny. Tomorrow September begins, and I just love this month! It is not too cold, and it is not too hot, just like spring, it´s perfect!

Today could be the day when I make a step toward getting in sync with my routines, writing included, :), and get my chores done. Nevertheless, I will not be able to do everything in a day, I have to be patient with myself, and perservere until I get things done.

Maybe today I will create another blog…I am having such a good idea in my mind…..


Annie Blue




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