I am committed!

I am committed to post in the Begginer´s Blogger Diary everyday, otherwise it wouldn´t be a diary, would it? 🙂

I am committed to make an effort and do not let myself absorb with mundane, daily tasks, and get to the end of the day with nothing to show up for. Don´t get me wrong, I love, love daily routines, particularly the ones having to do with the house…simply love. My problem is putting things in practice :), because housework is though…very though, and sometimes I don´t know even where to begin…so I don´t begin at all…

So, today I told myself I would be committed to the never ending housework, and to blog writing. I will adopt the following strategy: As I wake up early in the morning, I begin with the task that I feel, in that moment, is more pleasing to me :), when I am tired, I stop and write :).

Nevertheless, When I am doing house chores, I am thinking about what strategies am I going to apply to my blogs :), because one of these days I went kind of crazy, and set up two in a row…go figure…I just let my creativity flow, and there it went. Thinking now, That was the best thing I did. They are all different, and will allow me to push for my abilities, and share them with the world 🙂 🙂

I am committed to let myself gain discipline, the one that is godly inspired, the hardest, but the best!

I am committed to replace bad habits with good ones, in the case here, it would help a better time management 🙂 (maybe I´ll create a blog on that too)!

I am committed to today, and enjoy the day fully, which seems will be more productive than yesterday (and how that made me feel bad)!

I am committed to aspire to the Stepford Wife lifestyle :), surprise to many, I am sure….

I am committed to ask God to be with me, guiding me, every step of the way…and to make Him the center of my life, for he gives me joy and stability like no one else can.

I am committed to my blog empire :), :), and I am curious to see where all this adventure is going to lead me, and the lives of the ones who will one day read me… :),since up to now no one has…


Annie Blue




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