All of the rules can be broken

vintage frame

I am quite happy! I began this post without knowing at all what I was going to write about. When the title came up in my head, I liked it, so contrary to what I usually do as a rule (writing the text first, then choose an appropriate title), I choose the title first, and the text came next.

As I was saying I am quite happy about that, because it made me more bold, and willing to take chances, and let the imagination flow in the blanck sheet of paper….:)

I am feeling my creativity getting bold to, and I am feeling myself going with the flow and let it all out…

All the rules can be broken in the blogoshere…I am not defending going out of border limits, I am saying that you must put what you have inside out there and show it to the world, with confidence.

Having a blog can be a freeing thing, a mean of expressing what goes on inside your mind, your heart, a mean of telling the world what you feel, what you want to share…you are not binded by rules and regulations, you can deepen your sense of individuality, and discover your voice.


It is a creative world, and you can go, by trial and error, and if you make a mistake, you learn and you get up again. I love second chances, and I love redemption of all sorts. True and genuine redemption, true and genuine creativity, not being on somebody´s shadow, not copying things from other people, but accepting the challenge and work that comes with the true commitment that a person puts in finding their place and voice in the global world.

Annie Blue


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